Our Vision

At the wellInspired by the encounter at Jacob’s Well as described in John 4, a story of radical grace and reconciliation that transcends race, gender, and class. The Well Covenant Church is a community of people seeking to live in and live out the Hope of Christ in and for Corvallis. We gather in our diversity and different levels of faith and doubt, joy and sorrow, because of the redeeming Love of God in Christ and for the common good.

Some guiding values…..

  • Ancient/Future worship…. rooted, informed and inspired by history, but vibrant and contemporary
  • A commitment to Compassion, Mercy and Justice…as the hands, voice, and feet of Jesus, we are called alongside the orphan, widow, and stranger in the ministries of compassion, mercy and justice.
  • Partnership…in valuing other churches, campus ministries, and community organizations, we commit to working with them for the common good.
  • Welcoming … we desire to be a community that reflects Jesus’ heart for radical inclusion
  • Communal … where we partner together to explore and live out our faith in transformational communities of trust, vulnerability, and acceptance.
  • Purposeful, Simple and Flexible … simple, life-giving faith, not busy-ness that equips people to live purposeful lives of impact.
  • Beauty and Creativity … in recognition of the beauty of God’s creation and our gifts as creative beings, we dream of being a community where beauty and creativity is explored, created, and protected.
  • Relevant … purposefully bridging the gap between sacred and secular, and engaging the culture with the Gospel in a creative way.
  • Intentionally Inter-generational … where people from all generations, walks and stages are included in the community because of our understanding of God’s grace and acceptance.

The Well is committed to developing a multi-ethnic, multi-generational community, that acknowledges that we are all on a journey towards Christ-likeness. Some have been on the journey a short time and others longer. Regardless, we come as we are and seek to encourage one another in this life long apprenticeship to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We want you to know that it is OK to have doubts and to ask questions. It is OK to be here and not have your act together. It is OK to enjoy yourself and celebrate the mysterious and amazing love of God.

The Well is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church. We invite you to check out the denomination at: www.covchurch.org